Don’t drink coffee in the morning, is it true?

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Some people may have heard that. Do not drink coffee in the morning. Because the hormone cortisol is produced in the morning. Helps us cope with stress. If you drink coffee will inhibit the production of cortisol make stress easier 

But in fact, Explained that cortisol hormone It is a hormone that is released when our body perceives stress. if large quantity It will inhibit the functioning of the brain. Causing the metabolism in the body to slow down decompose the muscles and cause blood pressure to rise. Some people therefore call it. The “stress hormone” is not a hormone that helps the body deal with stress. So if you want your body to relax from stress quickly. The amount of cortisol hormone must be reduced.

in caffeinated coffee Caffeine does not suppress cortisol secretion. But will stimulate more secretion. So drinking coffee during the body’s high secretion of cortisol hormone UFABET. It will add more stress to the body.

When should I drink coffee? to be the most suitable.

In the morning after waking up If someone wakes up early around 6:30 am. The cortisol hormone level will gradually decrease. Keep increasing after waking up until 8.00-9.00, 12.00-13.00 and 17.30-18.30. So if you want to drink coffee properly. Such times should be avoided. You can choose to drink in the morning before 8:00 and drink in the late afternoon before noon. And in the afternoon around 2:00-3:00 p.m., but drinking coffee in the afternoon should be careful and it is not recommended to drink coffee after 4:00 p.m. Because the effects of caffeine last up to 12 hours, it may last into the night causing insomnia