Black sesame with precautions worth knowing before eating.

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Black sesame is highly beneficial. Even though the amount eaten is not much. But because it’s small and light, it’s easy to eat and easily mixed with other foods. Therefore, many people may not be careful with the amount they consume each time.

But black sesame is considered a food that provides relatively high energy because 100 grams provides up to 700 kilocalories of energy. Therefore, black sesame is often used as an ingredient in many energy-producing foods. In addition, black sesame is also It is a food with a relatively high copper content. The body is normally able to eliminate excess copper from the body. But in some patients, such as Wilson’s disease, which is a genetic disease that is present from birth. Impairs the excretion of copper from the body. ทางเข้า UFABET

This causes copper to accumulate in the person’s body over time until various symptoms begin. The most common ones are liver symptoms such as jaundice, enlarged liver, and enlarged spleen. Followed by neurological symptoms. Abnormal movements, difficulty swallowing, etc.

Recommended amount of “black sesame” in 1 day.

If the body is healthy There is no problem of eliminating excess copper from the body. Just be careful about getting too much energy. By the recommended amount each day. It should be around 15 grams per day, or 1 tablespoon. Which is enough to meet the body’s needs.