Pep Guardiola reveals that he always new plan when he plays in the Champions League.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has revealed. He’s always inventing silly new tactics when playing in the Champions League.

         “Sailboat” has never reached the title of the European Cup. Which is very close to last season, but lost 0-1 to Chelsea. Which in the past the team intends to form a hand that will grab this trophy to win.

         Ahead of the home team’s clash with Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals first leg on Tuesday. The Spaniard revealed he’s always thinking a lot about his new UFABET tactics when playing in Europe.

         “In the Champions game I’m always thinking about the league, on Tuesday you will see a new tactic.”Pep Guardiola said always”

         “People can believe that I will be playing against Atletico and Liverpool in the same way – but of course their movements are completely different. different movements Each player has a different personality.”

         “Each person has a mother and father. The mother and father gave different personalities to the players. That’s why I like to think a lot and create stupid tactics and when we don’t win I get punished. Tonight I’m taking inspiration and I’m going to use an incredible tactic tomorrow, I’ll play with 12 players!”


City made 50 appearances in the Champions League. Under Pep Guardiola. he won 33 games and drew seven.

Those 10 defeats included a painful final in May.

City have scored 114 goals so far, and conceded just 50.