Guardiola: Atletico Madrid is not as focused on receive as is believed.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has revealed. He believes Atletico Madrid are not as focused on what everyone thinks. And sees the opponents doing well in the final football area.

City will open the Etihad Stadium against Atletico Madrid in their Champions League quarter-final first leg on Tuesday.

Guardiola said on Monday that many people could blame Atletico’s way of playing. But he still believes Diego Simeone is just playing tight and avoiding risks. UFABET and is also a team that can play aggressively

“There was a misunderstanding about how [Diego Simeone’s] played. It was more offensively than everyone believed, he didn’t want to avoid it in the rhythm from the start but they did very well. in the last area They are a team with great passion. It depends on the movement of the game and they know how to play at the right rhythm.

“They want to avoid risks in the middle area. And are an aggressive team and when they win the ball they play. Maybe I was wrong but what I saw. They didn’t come close from the defence and in many moments, but not from the start. they come to you They didn’t come close. They will press if they can.

“It’s been fun and satisfying to be here. We’ve been around here every season, I said we’re here in April. Maybe fight for the championship in May. It’s because we’re doing really well. You might be out of the competition if you get a bad result right now.”