Crystal Palace thrash Arsenal 3-0.

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The final top-four contenders opened up even more. After Arsenal were thrashed 3-0 by Crystal Palace in the Premier League last Monday.

Crystal Palace have good news. Winger Wilfried Zaha is fit in time. While Arsenal can get Bukayo Saka, who has recovered from coronavirus, back in the attacking line. But without Kieran Tierny that hurts. 

Starting the game for the first 16 minutes. Palace took the lead 1-0 from a free-kick on the left side that Conor Gallagher opened into the penalty area. Gabriel headed a thin ball into the head of Joachim Ander. Jensen before UFABET bouncing back for Jean-Philippe Mateta to head straight.

Palace escaped 2-0 in the 24th minute, Joachim Andersen opened the ball long in front of the penalty area, Gabriel intercepted Jordan Ayew, so he dropped a single before firing from the left through Aaron Ramsdale’s hand. into

The Gunners tried to speed up.

Bukayo Saka opened the door for Alexandre Lacazette, but it hit under the ball. make the ball jump over the crossbar

Palace did a better attack and had a chance to fire again in the 38th minute. Wilfried Zaha grabbed the ball before passing it back to the front of the penalty area for Jean-Philippe Mateta to run for focus. Sdell had to round off the tip of his hand. After the first half ended, Palace led Arsenal 2-0.

In the second half of the 54th minute Crystal Palace had a chance to win from a free-kick in front of the penalty area, Joachim Andersen’s shot through the wall. But Ramsdale darted to grab it.

59 minutes Arsenal had a chance from Bukayo Saka to get the ball on the right side. Before rocking away from Tyric Mitchell and shooting with the left. But the ball flew off the back of the foot. Cause it to fall far behind the frame. 

The cannon had a chance to inform the end in the 67th minute. Nketiah, the substitute, slipped to open the ball from the left for Odegaard to flick a shot from the left focusing on the penalty area. But the ball bit behind the post.

Palace took a 3-0 lead in the 74th minute from the penalty spot where Wilfried Zaha was kicked by Martin Odegaard on the ankle before Zaha was responsible for a decisive shot in the corner.

The rest of the time, Arsenal seemed to give up, unable to do anything. The end of the 90-minute game was Crystal Palace, showing brutal form, defeating Arsenal 3-0 and making the top four open. wider