Good benefits from almonds that health lovers shouldn’t miss.

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Almonds are a type of nut that has become a popular healthy snack. Because it has high nutritional value And it also has many good health benefits. Almonds can be use for a variety of purposes, whether for health and beauty, such as being extracte into oil and use as an ingredient in various cosmetics. Including eating it as a healthy snack.

legumes They are classifiy as being in the same group as prunes and plums. Which are rich in nutrients that fill the body. If eaten as a snack Gives high energy. Along with many other minerals in the body Along with good fatty acids. Report by

Slow down the optic nerve. Don’t let it deteriorate quickly. Because it contains omega 3, zinc and vitamin E. Along with antioxidants as well. That will help nourish eyesight. Eating just 1 handful is enough for the body to get per day.

Break down fat. Just don’t eat too much. Because you will receive energy that consumes your needs. From helping to break down fat, it turns into increasing fat. Almonds contain protein. Vitamins and fiber That helps make the metabolism in the body work better. Just 14 tablets in 1 meal is already effective.

Reduce fat in the blood vessels. It was found that if you eat 1 handful of almonds per day, it will help reduce fat in your arteries by up to 4.4. % If you increase the amount you eat by 1 times, that is, 2 handfuls, it will reduce fat by almost 10%.

Reduce fatigue. That’s because almonds contain a high amount of manganese. High amounts of riboflavin and soybeans These minerals provide energy to help restore the body of those who are weak and weak. To come back stronger and recover from exhaustion more quickly.

Reduce blood sugar. In a study in China, it was found that If you eat almonds in the right amount Almonds help balance blood sugar. Reducing the chance of having coronary heart disease.

Helps neutralize free radicals. The abundance of vitamins and minerals combined with good fatty acids in almonds also help keep the body healthy. Slows down the formation of free radicals that cause various diseases. It is a healthy, delicious food that should be enjoyed often.

The digestive system is better. That’s because almonds also contain fiber that helps with bowel movements. If eaten in moderation, almonds stimulate the activity of bacteria in the intestines. As a result, the stomach will not be constipation. The work of the digestive system or intestines in the excretory system will work noticeably better.