Benefits of effective sleep.

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Sleep is as important to life as eating well. and breathing clean air It has been noticed that we humans spend up to 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Sleep is a time when various organs of the body, especially the cardiovascular system, are at rest. Because our body lies still Do not exert any effort, therefore do not require much blood pumping. In addition, while humans sleep, the body’s wear and tear is repaired. and adjusting the balance of various chemicals in the body, and most importantly, while humans sleep, that is the time when the brain compiles the various information that the brain has received that day into a compilation and stores it. Category In order to be able to use it most efficiently Therefore, sleep can be considered a part of learning. It causes the brain to remember and develop accordingly.

Benefits of sleeping

Not getting enough sleep affects your health in many ways. At the same time, getting adequate sleep has many beneficial effects on the body as follows:

Strengthen concentration Getting enough sleep helps your brain work efficiently. Resulting in more concentration. Remember details better. Research has also found that good sleep quality may help with higher problem-solving skills. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Helps you feel good  . Sleep has more to do with your mood and mental health than many people think. By getting enough and full sleep, it may help you feel refreshed and in a better mood. While some studies have found that not getting enough sleep may increase the risk of depression and other mental health problems.

Enhances sexual happiness: Lack of sleep can make you feel more tired than usual and affect sexual intercourse. Research has found that men who don’t get enough sleep may have lower testosterone levels, which is a hormone necessary for physical changes when entering puberty. and helps men have sexual desire Getting enough sleep to meet your body’s needs may help maintain good sexual health and promote a smoother relationship with your partner.

boost immunity Getting enough sleep may help your immune system work more efficiently. There is research that compares the risk of contracting the flu among people who sleep less than 7 hours with those who sleep 8 hours or more.

Help control weight Not getting enough sleep can cause the hormone leptin to decrease. This hormone is responsible for making you feel full. It also increases the amount of the hormone ghrelin which stimulates the appetite. As a result, people who get little sleep feel hungry more often than usual. and are more likely to choose foods that are high in calories

Reduce the risk of accidents People who don’t get enough rest may be at risk for opiates. This can result in serious accidents. Especially when driving a vehicle or doing work that requires use of machinery.

Reduces pain. has found that getting enough sleep may help reduce pain in various parts of the body. Because it will allow the body to rest and have time to fully recover and repair abnormal parts. But if the pain affects the quality of sleep such as causing insomnia or not sleeping well, Patients should consult a doctor. Your doctor may recommend taking medicines that relieve pain and help you sleep better.